5 thoughts on “Modulus Addition – 1

  1. Sir, earlier you have posted about independent graph plotting how are you plotting the sum of the graph?

  2. So is that so as it’s the sum we are adding the slopes of the two independent graph and obtaining the result but why we doing so, i mean once addition and once subtraction?

    • Harsh, the slow way is – for each value of x take the two y-values and add them. his can be quite time-consuming though. The slope method is my way of speeding this up – and in a modulus half the curve has a positive slope and the remaining half (the same) negative slope, right?

      Once you get the hang of the slope, you will understand the behaviour and in many cases will not even need to write (or draw the graph in detail) but will be able to roughly solve logically (then answer choices will enable you to pinpoint the correct answer).


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