5 thoughts on “Quantitative 1 – Approximation

  1. Hello Sir,
    Can we use the approximation in Surds for CAT as well, to eliminate options since solving Surds take loads of time as well, if it doesn’t strikes one how it needs to be evaluated!

  2. Hello Sir,
    Can we use the same approximation in Surds for CAT too? Sometimes they take loads of time during test to evaluate.

    P.S- Thanks for this wonderful blog, heaven for us. QA is legitimately taught by you only, the faculty at my institute just asked to mug the shortest distance for cuboid in that ant-mosquito-lizard type things, but now I learnt why that distance is shorter as compared to all other distances as well. Beautifully explained _/\_ *bows*

    • Definitely you can, as long as you can come down to a single option. In questions based on surds, there will always be answer choices available, so elimination is a perfectly valid approach. (And I’m glad you’re finding the blog useful 🙂 )


      • Oh, thank you so much! My Surds are invariably weakest suit, thus drops my scores real low in ILS, but I did checked out ruling out through options approximate did worked in 2/5 questions though. Please keep this blog alive with more insights, Sir. We’re keenly looking for your valuable stuff. It’s been looooong time you posted anything. Pleaseeee _/\_

      • Will try. Life has a habit of getting in the way, and besides I have posted most of the obvious things I could think of. Still, If I can, I will try to post something more in the last 2-3 months leading up to the CAT…


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