3 thoughts on “Bombay to Bangalore

  1. Quite a revelation…. honestly… felt like reading ruskin Bond…
    sometimes i feel we being beleaguered by vocab , rules and precision fail to perceive the most beautiful aspect of language: expression.
    the above text had no earth-shattering content nor any offbeat usage
    however, can u say u weren’t captivated

    • Ujjwal, that’s because the original contents are copyrighted. Posting a small part, a few lines, a page or two, is allowed under a concept called “fair use” but posting a full length story would not be right. The idea is not to provide you with a full novel or story, but to encourage you to search for good stuff to read without having to buy all of it first – rather than buying a book blindly you can sample a bit and see if you like it. If so, the books are usually not difficult to find, either in hard copy or in e-form.


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