19 thoughts on “Triangles – Examples 7

  1. As of now I have discussed mainly triangles so am a bit restricted. After finishing this series on triangles at some future point I will do some posts on circles and polygons, at that time I will be able to do more justice to these types of figures! I don’t know if it will be in time for CAT ’13 though 🙂


  2. Dear J please increase the frequency and the content. Please I beg you. It can be a life saver for some of us. Please Please Please

  3. Life saver for you pal….but I would probably die 🙂 As it is I am committing about 10-15 hours a week to this (over and above my normal duties at work…currently at peak season). If I try to do any more quality will drop drastically….


  4. LOL , i understand. We can do one thing , if it goes with your flexibility , that you can post only Quant posts. eng we can do on our own 🙂 , but i certainly know that eng posts are a day saver for you 😉 🙂 . Over to you Sire.

  5. Solved this by taking x+y=1 and 2y^2=x^2 +1. Answer comes out 8-4rt3~1.07 and acc to this ~1.03. Where did this discrepancy arise?
    P.S-Great blog supplementing my revision for C’14!

  6. the equilateral triangle inside the square, from where did we get that from? or is it our own creation assuming it to be an equilateral triangle?

    • There will be an equilateral triangle possible in that orientation i.e. with a vertex common to that of the square (we need to visualise to realise this). Whether it will be larger than the other, well, that we have to check which is why we took both extreme cases.


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