11 thoughts on “Triangles – Examples 5

  1. Hello J,

    I’m having a problem in visualising the last problem. Can we not think of that as a right-angled isosceles triangle? If yes, then the area will be 1/2 * 1 * 1 = 1/2?

    Also, medians to the legs: does this mean that medians are drawn from the base vertices (say Q & R from the second question)?

    Regards 🙂

    • Because it is NOT right-angled. Are you saying that the only isosceles triangle possible with a given base is the right-angled one? If so, then your visualization is flawed, dost 🙂


  2. Which is why the rt 2 was probably given – to mislead you into thinking that! Remember that the typical CAT examiner is well aware of likely mis-assumptions you might make…and has no compunctions about using them against you! Keep an open mind…


      • The reason for that is that it is not my (original) question – it is one I came across over the years. Had I set it, I would most definitely have included a 0.5 😀 Hence also the term legs, which I generally don’t use – the legs refers here to the two equal sides ‘standing’ on the base.


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