6 thoughts on “The Fibonacci in Geometry

    • We started with the condition that the new triangle formed BCD must be similar to the original triangle ABC. Hence the angle BAC must equal the angle CBD (which we have assumed to be x).


  1. Sir, there’s this question,
    “You are given a rectangular sheet. The diagonal vertices are brought together and folded so that a line(mark) is formed on the sheet. If this mark is the same length as the length of the sheet, what is ratio of the length to the breadth of the sheet?”
    I solved this and got the square root of the golden ratio to be the answer. But can we use observation to reach to the answer quicker?

    • That’s an interesting result! Can’t think of a way to spot that without actually solving 🙂 But maybe someone with a stronger “visualisation” game would be capable of it…


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