2 thoughts on “The Name of the Wind

  1. My name is Kvothe too 😀

    I just love this book, never thought I would find a page from this book on an MBA prep site 🙂

    And there I thought that I was wasting time by indulging myself into this wonderful realm of fantasy when I should rather be solving those d@#m quant questions 😛

    • Kvothe, eh? I may have heard of you 😉

      Though you might want to beware – the original Kvothe was not particularly fond of Maths 😀

      I am a Fantasy freak too (and Science Fiction as well) – Fantasy is a genre that lends itself peculiarly well to rich and rolling English (if a bit archaic sometimes), and Rothfuss stands at least alongside Tolkien or le Guin or Martin in his turns of phrase. Not to mention his fine grasp of “Rhetoric and Logic”. Reading him will do no harm at all to your prospects in Verbal, at any rate…


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