17 thoughts on “Singles – 2

  1. sr m not able to visualize why did u subtract 9…. i got the answer by traditional method though… but .. also understood they cover 3 times the length of the pool… finding it difficult to visualize 3*13 – 9

    • When A reaches point Q, he has covered (L+9) metres and we also know that when A reaches point Q, he has covered 3*13=39 metres.
      Hence, L=30

  2. Girish, Ratish has already explained it perfectly 🙂 Just to reiterate, the thing is that on the second meeting A has travelled L + 9 (since he has returned 9 m), where L is the length of the pool (this is something you would need even in the traditional method!), and hence L + 9 must be 39 giving us L = 30.


  3. Sir what about if the question is Two robots M and B start from the opposite ends A and B of a linear track respectively and keep running between the ends for infinite time. They meet first time at point 60m from A. If AB=100, which is point of 4th meeting?

  4. Here the distance of 1st meet and the 2nd meet of two ends are mentioned:

    Sir do you plan to write something on this:

    Two boats start towards each other, from the two points exactly opposite of each other on the opposite banks of a river, simultaneously. They meet at a distance of 410 m from one of the banks and continue sailing further till they reach the opposite banks. They take rest for 1 hr each and start off the return journey taking the same route. Now they meet at a distance of 230 m from the same bank. Find the distance between the two banks. (Assume that river water is still.

    The only difference in the details you can see, Please see if you can write and include in TSD.

  5. sir why are we multiplying 13*3? like the total distance has been covered thrice right,but then why 13*3? its just not clicking to me

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