10 thoughts on “Death Speaks

  1. Ratish, 6 correct for you too. Note that amateur and reduction are not possible from the given words – they have to contain the smaller word IN THE CORRECT ORDER.

  2. hello sir

    can u pls tell me which topics to study to get the grammar questions right??

    and any blogs/site to read stuff that ts similar to RC pssages in CAT i.e on humanities,religion,psychology,philosphy etc.

    • Topics, as such…nothing. Read good books, best way to improve vocab, grammar and usage all three. At short notice, GMAT material might help for reasoning and RCS and most important sentence correction. Passages, any newspaper (not tabloid!) editorial might help, plus make it a habit to read one article each or science, arts, sports, politics if time permits. Wikipedia featured article also is worth reading daily. CAT has been known to ask passages from the UK paper Guardian for example. Be open-minded in your reading and don’t stick to your favourite subjects only – so that you can handle any passage in the exam.

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