5 thoughts on “Writer’s Block – 3

  1. Sir, in 2nd que, If i go with man-days calculation for 1 km (i.e. 720) & then using the same to complete 7.5km of work in 120 days, then the men coming out to be 45 in total. Please correct me where m going wrong in this way.
    And sir, thanks a lot for such great posts. For some people like me, these are life savior!!!

  2. I believe you have taken the man-days as assumed by the contractor. but since the work is not getting done on time, he is clearly mistaken in his man-day assumptions. Use instead the fact that 40 men did 2.5 km in 60 days to get man-days per km as 960. Then 960 x 7.5 / 120 will give you 60.


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