11 thoughts on “Writer’s Block – 3

  1. Sir, in 2nd que, If i go with man-days calculation for 1 km (i.e. 720) & then using the same to complete 7.5km of work in 120 days, then the men coming out to be 45 in total. Please correct me where m going wrong in this way.
    And sir, thanks a lot for such great posts. For some people like me, these are life savior!!!

  2. I believe you have taken the man-days as assumed by the contractor. but since the work is not getting done on time, he is clearly mistaken in his man-day assumptions. Use instead the fact that 40 men did 2.5 km in 60 days to get man-days per km as 960. Then 960 x 7.5 / 120 will give you 60.


  3. Hi J I have some doubts for Q.4 1.apart from option checking what will be the neat way to solve this 2. can i say that since shyam has waited for 1 hour and his speed is 3 km/hr their actual meeting point will be 30/7 + 3 km from ravi”s home had shyam not waited for an hour.

    • I don’t think that would work, as Ram is not stationary during that time (however do check if you can get the right answer by that, if so you can use it!)…the safe – but very slow – way would be to get into equations.


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