4 thoughts on “Critical Reasoning – Weakening an Argument

  1. Hello JnT,
    I have heard from few seniors that questions on critical reasoning are frequent in CAT and are a part of RCs, which means that questions on CR are hidden among RC questions and are not asked separately, would that be correct to say?
    Also, Can you please do a writeup on Assumptions in CR, my nemesis in this section.

    • Hi Jor-el,

      Critical reasoning has not appeared directly in CAT for some years (unlike in the GMAT, where it is a staple component!). But yes, there have been RC questions (and sometimes Complete-the-Theme questions or Parajumbles, where looking for cause and effect and links across sentences) where the techniques of Critical Reasoning can be applied to give you a reliable answer. RC in CAT has occasionally been a vehicle for all types of questions in verbal – from vocab to CR to summarisation….

      And yes, despite the name, our blog is also aimed at people writing other exams 🙂 So we do have some content which could be helpful for GRE/GMAT takers as well!


  2. I have come across several guiding forums on CR but believe me no one has justified an attempt so artlessly. Truly an amazing piece of approaching advice:)
    I wish if you could extent a slight contribution with FIJs and reason assertion types too 🙂

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