7 thoughts on “Base Systems – Properties

    • Hi Nishant,

      We’ll just look at a few quick tricks, not go for too advanced problems as of now 🙂 The thing is that base systems have not been that frequently asked in CAT so I don’t plan to concentrate much on the topic for now…


  1. Gud afternoon sir…
    sir please explain the last part of today’s blog. the number of the form (2abc) to the base 6 lies between 432 and 647… it is a 4 digit number then it shud lie between 6^3 and 6^4 -1

    • Girish, it is not just a 4-digit number but a 4-digit number starting with 2. So the highest power (in this case 6^3) is occurring exactly twice. Think about it: (2000)6 = 2 * 216 = 432, while (3000)6 is 3*216 = 648. So any number of the form (2abc)6 will be >= 432 but < 648 i.e. between 432 and 647 inclusive.

      This is just like saying any number of the form (5abc) in our usual base 10 must be between 5*10^3 and (6*10^3-1) i.e. between 5000 and 5999….


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