8 thoughts on “The Necklace Problem

  1. sir, den going by this logic we should hav done d same in problem which appeared in CAT, asking us to fill the stripes of d flag, condition being no two same colors should occupy adjacent places….dere d flag could have been turned from right to left( mirror image of d conventional image of d flag)…please help me out here.

    • No, in a flag there is a clear direction (in the Indian flag it is not noticeable because it is symmetrical from left to right) but a flag which is not, cannot be hung in reverse. For example the Sri Lankan flag. So there there will always be an order from the flagpole outward. Matter of convention!


  2. A silly doubt here. For the sheet problem, when we colour it, only that side of the sheet gets coloured, right. If we turn it upside down, the other side is still blank, right? Could you please clarify where I am going wrong here?

  3. Sir, I didn’t get why it can;t be extended to people. If we flip their postiions, or rotate by 180, the righties go to left and vice versa, if we divide circle by line. Aren;t these two cases with their positions being relatively change wrt to another individual. Same is for necklace, post flip, isn;t diamond colour stone relatively at newer place wrt to other?

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