6 thoughts on “More Talkative Roots

  1. just a confusion ….positive eu root that u specify ….but euthanasia is also (eu root) but it is like the act of killing someone painlessly

  2. Radhika, your wish is our command. First grammar post coming up on 18th 🙂 After that some Saturdays will be grammar…

    As for euthanasia, it comes from the God of Death, Thanatos. So it is a “good killing” as in a killing from the point of view of mercy….when the person is in so much pain that he would prefer to die rather than live and there is no chance of recovery, then…(look up “coup de grace” for a different kind of “mercy killing”!)


    • Obeisance comes from obey….which if you think of it is also kind of a negative word as it usually indicates subservience (especially if the obedience is unquestioning and servile). However I am not sure whether it has to do with the “ob- as negative” root specifically.


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