6 thoughts on “Inscribed Angle Theorem – CAT Scan

  1. 2nd question can also be solved by joining EO where O is the centre of the circle, and using triangle EOC. however the time taken would be same.
    thanks a lot for writing such informative and useful blogs.

  2. In the first question,
    if we consider sum of angles in a straight line , i.e angle AOD+angle AOB+ angle BOC =180, im getting x=y?
    Can you please tell, what is the mistake im making?

    • I am not sure how you are getting that, actually. AOD is x, AOB is (180 – 4y) and BOC is y, which gives us x = 3y only! Could you recheck your numbers?


  3. answer of first question i am getting is (3)1…….whats the actual answer as you mentioned that students considered that exterior angle mistakenly then how can the answer be (1)3…confused!!!!

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