10 thoughts on “An interesting property of the trapezium

  1. Yes it is, Avinash – if you notice, in the proof, we have not made any assumptions about the non-parallel sides; they could be equal or not, it doesn’t matter.


    • Think about it for a moment… Area = 1/2 * base * height. So if the heights are the same (as is the case here) area will be proportional to the base, correct?


  2. Hi J, Please help me with the flow of Geometry. Also wanted your suggestion if CAT 2018 is possible starting October for a CA

    • Just go the Euclid way. Start with points/lines/planes and prove your way upwards through triangles, quads, polygons, circles and 3-D stuff. (Prove everything to yourself, else you won’t be able to apply it) Take a detour though trigo and co-geo at some point.

      As to the latter query: possible, yes; easy, no. You might end up settling for something less than what you are capable of. I am assuming you have already filled the form, or else the question is moot 🙂 If you are already very strong in either English or Maths, go for it seriously; if you are moderate at best in both, then take 18 just for the experience and plan for 19 as the serious attempt.


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