18 thoughts on “FPC – Examples

  1. Santosa, the question says she *may* choose to go barefoot. Hence there is an option, either she can wear one of her ten pairs of shoes or none of them, thus giving 11 options in all. Had it said she *will* go barefoot, then there would be only one option!


  2. the first rank in geography and first rank in history question, i didn’t understand. could you please elaborate?

    • Avinash, suppose you got the first rank in History. Would that prevent you from also getting the first in Geography? The thing is that in this question, both “first ranks” can go to the same person. So whoever gets the top in Geography, there are ten people (including that person) who could get the first in History and hence 10 * 10. This is the basis on which most “repetition allowed” questions are based in fact.


  3. Hello sir,In last question if we have question like 4 multiple questions with 5 choices each .In how many ways questions could be done if one must do at least 2 questions?

  4. Sir, in the last question, can;t it be she attempts 0 ques or 1 ques or 2 ques and so on. 5(for 1ques)+ 25(for 2) +125+625

    • No we would also need to check which questions are answered in each case. So it would be 1 (0 questions) + 4C1*5 (1 question) + 4C2*25 (2 questions)and so on. Which would yield the same answer eventually, just more painfully!


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