4 thoughts on “Fermat’s Little Theorem (in brief)

  1. Sir, shouldn’t the corollary be “a is co-prime to p” and not ” a is not divisible by p”? For example 3 is not divisible by 6 but 3^5 gives a remainder 3 when divided by 6.

    By the way, thanks a lot for starting this blog. Great initiative! Please keep it going throughout the season right upto XAT!


  2. Aniruddh, here p is a prime number as stated in the original theorem. I’m sorry I didn’t clarify that 🙂

    And yes I do intend to keep it going on a daily basis till at least XAT, will probably reduce frequency of posting after completion of a year…let’s see.


    • I won’t, as it is out of scope for CAT. If you want to study it, go ahead, but I believe it would be wasted effort. Even Fermat and CRT I gave a warning above that you can skip this as it won’t be needed for CAT; I am just mentioning it to give a flavour of what is possible.


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