10 thoughts on “Remainders – 4

  1. In the last question, why have we taken the half of 12n + 8? Shouldn’t we say that a number 12n+8 will be of the form 6k+2, and with 30, the possible remaineders are 2, 8, 14, 20 and 26?

    • Because the question asks “what could be the remainder when half the number is divided by 30?”. Your answer would be fine if it had asked for the original number to be divided by 30.


  2. Hey J,

    Thanks a lot for taking the effort to create this. Just wanted to confirm if there was a follow up post on this with more advanced remainder theory.

    The next post appears to be one on root words. Many thanks for your time and help.


  3. It is amazing what you have done with this blog! Thank you so much. I feel like thanking you on each and every post, but then thought it would be a disturbance (notifications) considering your quick replies. Thank you for all the previous posts and the coming ones as well.

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