5 thoughts on “Improving Vocabulary – A Road Map

    • Word Power Made Easy – Norma Lewis (the bible of word-study; the most rigorous in approach)
      All About Words – Nurnberg/Rosenblum (more user-friendly than NL, my personal favourite)
      This is by no means a comprehensive list 🙂 Anything by NL. Nurnberg, or Wilfred/Peter Funk is probably worth the price, and I’m sure there are other good authors as well.
      Also, mailing lists like AWAD (A Word a Day) or Merriam-Webster/Oxford’s daily word would help to improve vocab. Anopher mailing list “daily writing tips” often has helpful stuff on vocab, idions, usage and grammar. Also web-based resources like the Grammargirl blog can be invaluable when you need to quickly figure out the correct usage or form in which to phrase a sentence.
      And from a more general “improving English” perspective, there’s a delightful book on punctuation by Lynn Truss called “Eats, shoots and leaves”. It won’t directly help in entrance tests, but it will impact your communication for sure.


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