8 thoughts on “PnC Examples – Distribution of Identical Objects of multiple types

  1. Sir, why have you assumed fruits to be identical when it’s nowhere mentioned in the question. Aren’t we supposed to assume objects to be different if nothing is mentioned?

    • We have to apply common sense. People – distinct. Monkeys or parrots or elephants or fruits – identical (can you tell one apple from another or one monkey from another (unless you are the monkey-trainer of course). For most people, one apple is as good as another. They have to be specified distinct if you want to take them distinct.


  2. sir in 2nd question, the two cases whivch are subtravted are the one with (5,0)-apples (6,0)- banana and (7,0)-chickoo simultaneously, and vice versa with (0,5) and (0,6) and (0,7) simultaneously, right? or is there something else..

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